RN- Pediatric TeleHealth

at Becker Technical Staffing
Location Paoli, PA
Date Posted September 5, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


Our client, a special needs school, needs a Virtual Registered Nurse to provide Clinical oversight.


  • Schedule nursing duties for five-day coverage and be available to receive emergency calls from the CLAs when needed.
  • Reviews medical policy manual semi-annually.
  • Administers non-proprietary medications to individuals, as needed on campus.
  • Administers proprietary medications as needed with complete recording of individuals' name, date, time, reason for administration (specific medical problem), medication, route, and dosage given, and effectiveness of medication for day programs.
  • Maintain medical face sheet for each in individual that includes telephone numbers of physicians, nearest hospital emergency room, ambulance service, and number of poison control center.
  • Available to respond to emergency situations and take individuals to urgent care or emergency room when individuals are in the program on campus.
  • Maintain monthly weight and height chart of individuals.
  • Review individuals' medications monthly, or as needed, and shall notify individuals' physician when appropriate.
  • Take a weekly inventory of individuals' medication supply.
  • Ensure that all drugs are stored under proper conditions of sanitation, temperature, light, moisture, ventilation, segregation and security.
  • On campus, oversee individual's meals and special diets. Observe for errors in individual's diet and consistency of foods on campus. Communicate issues with kitchen staff.
  • Responsible for compliance standards for regulatory agencies.
  • Maintain and update the individuals; medical files and lifetime medical histories.
  • Train staff in areas related to health care.
  • Inform Supervisor, parents, guardians, social workers, and physicians of any illnesses, accidents or medical problems pertaining to a particular individual.
  • Record and report to the Assistant Executive Director or Designee any medication errors and/or drug reactions during the day programs.
  • Shall provide general health care for all individuals, to include the following:

-Detection of disease or infection
-Medication administering and monitoring
-Monthly weight records
-Six-month height records
-Visits to physician and to health specialty consultations and appointments, as requested by the Assistant Executive Director
-Immunization needs as requested


  • Review students' medication monthly, or as needed, and shall notify students' parents when appropriate.
  • Take a weekly inventory of student's medication and notify family of needed medications.
  • Consult with and/or report to the Education Supervisor and Administration on areas of concern related to the health and safety of students in the Education Program.
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