Clinical Nurse Coordinator – Landstuhl Germany

at TechWerks
Location Washington, DC
Date Posted September 24, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


TechWerks LLC (TechWerks) is a rapidly growing company that has been supporting the VA and DOD for over 10 years. With over 100 employees and annual revenue of 15 million, TechWerks is a proven company with a highly respected leadership team consisting of career military veterans dedicated and committed to supporting the military and veteran communities. TechWerks specializes in healthcare information technology, training, analytics, and clinical research.

We have an exciting opportunity for a Clinical Nurse Coordinator to work at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Landstuhl Germany.

The Clinical Nurse Coordinator shall perform procedures within the scope of clinical practice privileges as granted by the Virtual Medical Center-Europe (VMC-E) and the Medical Treatment Facility (MTF) assign to as needed. Duties encompass nursing functions for which he/she bears responsibility and medically delegated functions of a Registered Nurse. The Registered Nurse shall perform the same clinical duties as those required of any military or government civil service HCP of similar experience and in similar duty assignments. The quality of Registered Nurse practice shall meet or exceed reasonable standards of professional practice for the health care concerned as determined by the same authority that governs military medical professionals in the same discipline. The individual will independently perform duties in accordance with professional standards and guidelines.

·         As an educational Registered Nurse she/he serves as a member of a multifunctional team using telehealth clinical information system technologies to expand access to primary and specialty care such as behavioral health, traumatic brain injury (clinical, optometry, and rehabilitative services) or other specialty services as required, and provides clinical expertise and operation for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) and throughout the Regional Medical Command (RMC). This position assists the lead Virtual Health (VH) Registered Nurse educator with developing plans, coordinates and implements a clinical education program aimed at enhancing staff development in VH.

·         As assistant advisor on clinical care administration, the Clinical Coordinator serves as a vital staff member of the Regional Virtual Health Management Cell and is responsible for assisting with coordinating with local training centers and sister organizations within the RHC-E and the Army Medical Department (AMEDD) to maximize educational opportunities and continuing education offerings. The incumbent will work closely with personnel within the region and throughout other RMCs to provide cross level specialist, tele-consultative support, virtual medicine clinical support and other support as needed. Provides accurate and current advise on a variety of complex issues to include: planning, organizing, and directing care, standards of patient care, patient care plan, implementing physicians' orders, administering medications and intravenous solutions, medical recording and reporting, medical re-supply, hospital safety, infection-control policies and procedures, Registered Nurse staffing policies, and nursing staff supervision. Serves in an education capacity to provide formal and informal education to privileged providers, medical service assistants, and VH patient presenters regarding policies and emerging technologies. Topics include, but are not limited to web side manner, ICD 10 coding, TBI (optometry and occupational health), orthopedics, neurology, etc. Demonstrates expertise in clinical care delivery with the VH camera peripheral exam equipment.

·         Assists with clinical program development, which includes coordinating and providing the delivery of the RMC Telehealth Network Program to meet the needs of the patients, and healthcare professionals. Develops a knowledge base of available community resources within the local community and provides information on these resources. Functions as a collaborative member of the Regional Virtual Health Team providing a nursing perspective to patient care. Maximizes the use of available training resources; assists the education lead who coordinates scheduling of instructors, students, and classrooms; resolves scheduling conflicts and takes appropriate actions as required; designs and distributes agendas for forthcoming educational offerings. Coordinates with local training center within the RHC-E and the AMEDD to maximize educational opportunities and continuing education offerings. Provides in-house and video teleconferencing (VTC) one-on-one training for specialty care providers on the implementation of Clinical Virtual Health programs in their specialty arenas.

·          As a Clinical Registered Nurse in the telehealth/telemedicine program with duties performed under a specialty services remote licensed independent provider, in an ambulatory care setting. As the clinical information authority, she/he uses interactive audio-video communication technologies associated with telehealth/telemedicine to assist remote licensed independent providers and supporting clinical and administrative staff in the assessment, data collection, evaluation, and treatment for acute, non-emergent care, specialty consultation, and routine pre- and post-operative care.  

·         Under supervision of remote licensed independent provider and Medical Director, provides, comprehensive nursing care on-site and remotely to expand access to multifaceted acute, routine, and specialty care consultation services, to include primary care, surgical, behavioral health, traumatic brain injury, and other specialty services as required. Supports the individual patient telehealth/telemedicine encounter by clinically presenting the patient to remote licensed independent providers using VH clinical information system technologies. Serves as the eyes, ears, and hands of the licensed independent provider at the site where the patient is being evaluated. Communicates directly with the evaluating remote licensed independent provider regarding pertinent patient demographic and clinical information (e.g. patient demographics, chief complaint, history and physical, radiographs, lab work, etc.), prior to and during the telehealth encounter.

·         Ensure appropriate routine and special laboratory tests, radiographic studies, electrocardiograms, cardiac studies, and pulmonary studies are ordered as indicated

·         Prepares the patient for the telehealth encounter by appropriately positioning for physical examination. Educates patient/family to promote expectation management regarding what to expect during the encounter to include the use of tele-electronic devices and potential for audio-video delays. Maintains the quality and safety of the exam room to include the availability of necessary equipment to support the telehealth/telemedicine encounter.

·         Conducts wound care associated with the telehealth/telemedicine encounter, to include an assessment of healing, removal of sutures/staples/packing, and application of new dressing. 

·         Develops and implements an individualized patient plan of care supporting the patient’s psychosocial characteristics to include cultural, language, coping, ability to understand the telehealth/telemedicine encounter, and/or physical disability. Serves as the patient’s advocate. Critically reviews all instructions and information exchanged during the telehealth encounter with the licensed independent provider and patient after the session has concluded. Coordinates patient direct and network referrals, telehealth/telemedicine discharge instructions, and telephonic follow up as appropriate upon the conclusion of the telehealth/telemedicine visit to ensure continuity of care across the clinical continuum.

·         Maintain documentation of all electronic and paper patient records in accordance with hospital directives and prepare all records and reports required. Ensure all documentation is legible. Use electronic medical record systems for keeping records, ordering of ancillary procedures and performing other required patient record functions at the discretion of the MTF. Indicate responsibility for the contents and correctness of all prepared reports/forms by affixing his/her own signature to the documents and validating their contents.

·         Ensures effectiveness of telehealth/telemedicine nursing administrative operations at remote Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) by setting priorities and evaluation clinic activities to ensure the delivery of safe quality care. Identifies and schedules supporting resources required for a successful telehealth/telemedicine encounter to include local personnel, local facility space, and remote evaluating licensed independent provider, equipment, and telecommunications capabilities. Conducts pre-visit preparation through the review of pre-consultation forms/documents and diagnostic testing prior to the scheduled telehealth/telemedicine encounter. Evaluates the quality of data transmission and interactions during the telehealth/telemedicine encounter to support and optimize the remote independent licensed provider’s capacity to examine, diagnose and develop an appropriate plan of care. Ensures all equipment is tested and checked to validate a safe environment. Completes timely and accurate data entry into the electronic health record (EHR) and additional automated electronic systems as required. Documents and maintains a log of all technical problems or issues and follow up with technical support following encounter, if any problems occur. Reviews and updates local virtual health / virtual medicine policies and patient education materials in accordance with OTSG/MEDCOM, local organization and nationally recognized nursing standards of practice. Maintains clinic documents and patient records in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, OTSG/MEDCOM and local organizational regulations/policies. Completes various administrative reports and requests related to clinic operations and submits as appropriate. Complies with applicable regulations, nationally endorsed clinical practice guidelines, quality improvement standards, and the Joint Commission standards.